Below I have added my favorite charity links.  By no means, do I expect you to make these donations in my name, but doing good deeds is great for your karma!  Please do something good today.
Los Angeles Firemen's Relief Association

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"The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is the leading U.S. national non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, funding and conducting basic pediatric HIV/AIDS research. The Foundation's goals include reducing HIV transmission from an HIV-infected mother to her newborn, prolonging and improving the lives of children living with HIV, eliminating HIV in infected children and promoting awareness and compassion about HIV/AIDS world-wide."
You may call to make a donation at: 1-888-499-HOPE (4673) or you may send them a check/money order by mail:
The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
2950 31st Street, #125
Santa Monica, CA 90405
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PETA believes that animals are not ours to eat, wear, perform experiments on, or use for entertainment.

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